CS Department Shangping Ren CODE group
  Chen Nianen  

Research Focus:

Nianen Chen is a PhD candidate in the Computer Science Department at Illinois Institute of Technology. He received his Master's degree in Computer Science from Texas Tech University in 2005. His research interest is on using coordination models to better support adaptive fault tolerence in distributed real-time embedded systems.


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  • [2] N. E. Chen, S. P. Ren. Building a Coordination Framework to Support Behavior-based Adaptive Checkpointing for Open Distributed Embedded Systems. Accepted by Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS). 2007.
  • [3] N. E. Chen, P. Poirot, S. P. Ren. Providing Fault-Tolerance through a Distributed Coordination Model for Open Distributed Embedded Systems. In Proc. of the Work-In-Progress session of the 12th Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Application Symposium (RTAS). 2006.
  • [4] S. P. Ren, Y. Yu, N. E. Chen, M. Kevin, and L. M. Shen, P. Pierre. Actors, Roles and Coordinators ?a A Coordination Model for Dynamic Distributed Open Systems. In Proc. of 8th Conference on Coordination Models and Languages, 2006.



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