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  Pierre-Etienne Poirot  

Research Focus:

Pierre-Etienne Poirot is a PhD student in the Computer Science Department at Illinois Institute of Technology. He received a Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the ENSEA engineering school, France and a Master in Computer Science from IIT, Chicago in 2004. His research interests include distributed and self-adaptive systems.


  • Methods and architectures for self-adaptive systems
  • Coordination model for distributed systems
  • Top-down design methods for specifying emergent behavior from local-based coordination mechanisms



  1. "A Framework for Constructing Adaptive and Reconfigurable Systems", Pierre-Etienne Poirot, Jerzy Nogiec, and Shangping Ren, IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science (To be published in Feb., 2008). [PDF]
  2. "Actors, Roles and Coordinators - A Coordination Model for Open Distributed Embedded Systems", Shangping Ren, Yue Yu, Nianen Chen, Kevin Marth, Pierre-Etienne Poirot, and Limin Shen, Proceedings of the 8th IFIP International Conference on Coordination Models and Languages, 2006 (LNCS Vol 4038, 2006).
  3. "Separating functional and non-functional concerns through coordination: an application to reliability", Pierre-Etienne Poirot, Shangping Ren, Jerzy Nogiec, and Jeffery Tsai, the 30th IEEE Annual International Computer Software and Application Conference, 2006.
  4. "Providing Fault-Tolerance through a Distributed Coordination Model for Open Distributed Embedded Systems", Nianen Chen, Pierre-Etienne Poirot, and Shangping Ren, Proceedings of the 12th IEEE Real-Time Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium (Working-in-Progress), April, 2006.



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